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Your Guide
to the Future
of Retail

Dan Wittner’s career spans 30 years and includes leadership roles in both retail operations and SaaS software. His background gives him unique perspective on how retail is evolving and the innovations that are driving change.  Dan worked with One Door (SaaS merchandising solution) for more than 10 years through its initial growth and subsequent venture capital funding, all the while establishing successful partnerships with global brands and retailers.  He has been an advisor to a range of companies including the Future Commerce Initiative (FCI) and Demandware.  Throughout his career, Dan has strived to deliver strategic vision and value to his customers, partners, and teams.


Guest Speaking

Dan is a guest speaker and lecturer with a focus on the Future of Retail and the Rise of Customer Expectations.  How innovation is impacting all of retail is a foundational theme to his talks and he explains, via example, how companies are changing retail for the better.  He has delivered insightful keynotes at industry and private events and would be happy to discuss the concept for your company.  Dan is also a Guest Lecturer in the business schools at Boston University and the University of New Hampshire (his alma mater).

Hear an excerpt from Dan's keynote
at the Next Point retail technology conference.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The retail journey of today must bridge the physical and digital worlds and form a unified and cohesive organization.  Complexity in all aspects of retail is a major contributor to this challenge, which is being further amplified by the drive to implement innovation across the business ecosystem.  Where do you begin?   Which solutions should you consider?  Dan’s background and experience in traditional retail, digital retail and software for retail, combine to give him unique perspective that will support you on this journey.  He can work with you to map which concepts meet your objectives and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your goals.

Meeting Room

Board Advisor

Building a team of industry professionals to advise leadership on its journey can be a very effective strategy.  Dan has served on Advisory Boards and helped companies implement the concept.  He can work with you to define the role of an Advisory Board and the specific objectives it will target for your company.  In all cases, it is critical that an Advisory Board is managed and engaged on a regular basis to ensure that the benefits are realized.  Dan can help you on the journey to build this critical asset or join the team that you already have in place. 

Hear an excerpt from Dan's presentation at Next Point on, "The Rise of Customer Expectations."

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